Commissions from Photographs

If you are looking for a gift that is personal and truly unique, consider commissioning an original work of art. It costs less than a diamond necklace or new laptop and it will be enjoyed for decades. Great art never goes out of style, breaks, or needs operating system updates!

What makes a good painting? It is someplace that you (or the recipient) have a personal connection to. Perhaps it is a beach, farm, camping spot, or family home. Maybe it is a boat out on the water. Perhaps it is someplace peaceful or inspiring or colorful you discovered on vacation. Send me a photo of that special place and I can turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Whichever scene you choose, I would like to know the story behind your photograph or why the scene is meaningful to you. I would also like to know which paintings on my website are your favorites, so that I can choose a style and palette that speaks to you. If possible, I prefer being given more than one photo for a prospective painting. Multiple angles help me understand the subject better. Don't worry if they are not good photographs (if they are blurry, the lighting is wrong, etc.). Poor quality photos often make the best paintings. Photos that are already perfect should be printed and framed!

My pricing is straightforward: commissioned work is $1.50 per square inch. Typical sizes are 8x10" ($120); 9x13" ($175); and 16x20" ($480), although I can paint custom sizes. The maximum size for normal watercolor paper is 22x30." I understand that it is a risk to commission a work of art, and I want you to be pleased with your purchase. I will not offer art that I would not hang in my own home. Ever.

Some of my best work is based on first-hand experience with the location. If you desire a plein air piece, please contact me to negotiate a price (based on travel distance and complexity of the project).

Please allow 6 weeks for me to paint your artwork. If you have a tighter deadline, please let me know in advance. I request Christmas commissions no later than Halloween.

Thank you for entrusting me with your special images!

California Sea Lion, Long Beach, California. Photo credit K. Green.
California Sea Lion, Long Beach, California. Watercolor on Arches cold press paper.

Please note, the above assumes the commissioned artwork is for personal use. Artwork is intellectual property protected by copyright. Never copy or reproduce any artwork without written consent of the artist. If you would like to commission artwork for advertising, reproduction, or other commercial purposes, a special contract is required.